Review: Fanimation Caruso Ceiling Fans

The Fanimation Caruso is a versatile tropical ceiling fan. One sturdy downrod supports not one, but two ceiling fan motors that each power their own set of blades. The reason why the Caruso is so versatile is because it can cool an environment in almost any direction and at most angles. The [...]

Review: Fanimation Punkah Ceiling Fans

At first glance the Fanimation Punkah looks as much like an abstract piece of artwork as it does a fan. For those who purchase this unique fan, it does serve as both a fan and piece of artwork. Fanimation’s tagline for the Punkah is old world grace and sophistication. Sitting at a [...]

Review: Fanimation Volare Ceiling Fans

Similar to the Fanimation Centaurus, the Fanimation Volare is bound to attract a fair amount of attention from your guests. What sets the Volare ceiling fan apart from other fans within this crowded market is its uniquely long and uniquely placed blade arms. The Volare’s thin blade arms protrude out from its body [...]

Review: Fanimation Air Shadow Ceiling Fans

Alright, I know it’s cliché, but when I review Fanimation fans, the word that most often pops into my head is cool. The Fanimation Air Shadow is in a word, cool, but it’s much more than that. The Air Shadow is innovative, unique, stylish and contemporary. In the ceiling fan world, the [...]

Review: Fanimation Enigma Ceiling Fans

Theoretically, a ceiling fan with one blade and no others for counterbalancing would be off balance, right? Not so says the engineers at Fanimation, and they proved it possible with the Enigma ceiling fan. The Fanimation Enigma has only one bold blade.
This ceiling fan is solid with few moving parts to potentially come [...]